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Heart Link has an active committee each of whom dedicates their own time to ensuring that patients and their families get the most out of the charity. Our committee is made up of a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds and all with their own story to tell. 
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Meet Geoff Smart


Geoff has been Chairman since 1988, founding Heart Link with his wife Gill. The saying “from little acorns, big oak trees grow” is just what has happened with Heart Link since it was founded.  Geoff and Gill were part of the ECMO programme from the very start with Mr R Firmin and Andrew Sosnowski.


Today, ECMO has been proven beyond all expectations and has become renowned worldwide.


Geoff has been awarded the M.B.E. for services to charity through Heart Link, of which he is very proud and of course without your help fundraising Heart Link would not be able to carry on.

Our other Trustees & Committee members

Geoff Smart - Chairman

Christine Rigby - Secretary & Fundraising

Shirley Barnes - Treasurer

Jenny McGurk - Membership

Graeme Williams - Vice Chair and Newsletter  

Wayne Matts - Holiday Caravans

Suzi Ward - Holiday Caravans

Margaret Dilks

Karen Dilks

Dominique Berry

Jennifer Burgess

Steve Blay

Laura Crowson (Joined 2023)

To date, in excess of £6million has been raised.

Our Mission

Our Families Need Your Support Today!

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